ARV.I studio
Marius Mathisrud and Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen. Work in progress for their upcoming exhibition at gallery Heerz Tooya.
2019 Residency Program

The second ARV.International residency program is complete. Subscribe to our Newsletter, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and get updates on future open calls, upcoming exhibitions and other activities the artists-in-residence will undertake during 2019.  The chosen artists in the following list will live in Vishovgrad and work on their projects, which will result in an exhibition at Heerz Tooya at the end of their period.

- Carl Mannov (DK) / April
- Oda Haugerud (SE) / May
- Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen (NO) / June
- Marius Mathisrud (NO) / June
- Sigbjørn Bratlie (NO) / July
- Yvette Kaiser Smith (US)  / August
- Marijana Radovic (SRB) / September