Information about Covid-19 related travel restrictions in Europe / specifically about Bulgaria. The website is updated often. The following links are helpful:

This page is in Bulgarian, but it updates everyday about numbers of cases in Bulgaria. 
- article 

NY Times update: 22nd July

Demonstrations in Sofia and Veliko Turnovo / photos taken 16th July. The protests against the government are said not to stop until the current leaders resign. It boils down to anti-corruption. The government manages all media - no independent press is covering the demonstrations. The number of demonstrators is increasing. They occur in specific streets and are not dangerous. - NY Times article 19th July
- NY Times article
- Bulgarian Facebook Page covering the protests - Reuters article
Last updated: 22.07.2020
Dear 2020 ARV.I artists,

So far, this year has indeed been exceptional. Bulgaria is currently in a state of estrangement. Not only because of the second Covid-19 wave but also due to an upsurge of protests against corruption around the country. The news change rapidly - which makes it challenging to plan the upcoming months. I will update this page as frequently I can, along with the governmental changes and the pandemic situation in Bulgaria.

In the link to the right, you may follow updates on travel restrictions and your arrival and departure possibilities. As you will see, there are possibilities to travel. Meaning, there are also possibilities for you to stay in Vishovgrad, use the studio, and realize your solo exhibitions, as planned, in Veliko Turnovo at the end of your stay. But please read carefully the information regarding where you will be traveling from, what documents you will need, and your situation when returning to your country.

October is now our only option in 2020. Here are the current standings:  

- Wessel Verrijt / 
- Jonathan Nowell /
- Klara Graah / 
- Martine Flor /

Please contact me at - if you have any objections, questions, or any other inquiries. Also, please let me know if you wish to postpone your residency until next year. This will have an impact on the plans for your solo exhibitions at the end of October.

I sincerely hope to see you in Vishovgrad soon, 
Lars Nordby