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The more I travel, the more I learn from others.

Nicolas Tagnati is the upcoming internship at ARV.International in 2021. With the monthly arriving artist-in-residence, Tagnati will be living and working at ARV.I throughout the entire residency program. He will keep the residency afloat and help out the bewildered newcomers with the language, culture, and ways of living in Bulgaria. His position will help anchor the artistic integrity between the upcoming artists-in-residence and the local community. Bridging a significant gap between a specific local identity and the field of contemporary visual fine arts. Tagnati's presence in the upcoming residency and exhibition program in Veliko Turnovo will be highly noticed and much appreciated. Especially in terms of providing artists the fundaments to create high-quality work and the development of contemporary art in Veliko Turnovo.

Lars Nordby is the director of ARV.International and gallery Heerz Tooya. 

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Lars Nordby: Nicola, this is amazing. You're coming to Vishovgrad and staying throughout the entire ARV.I season in 2021! We've known each other for about two years now. You've been traveling around Eastern Europe now for a while. Please share some stories and experiences.

Nicolas Tagnati:

L.N: What made you decide to return to Bulgaria?


L.N: I am eager to bring forth the meeting point between the upcoming artist-in-residence, their projects, and their solo exhibitions - with your linguistic and didactic background and social working skills with various cultural institutions. It is really refreshing to work with someone with a different creative discipline and background at ARV.I. Primarily, I'm particularly thinking if you have any ambitions in working with the locals in Vishovgrad, how you will prepare to write some of the exhibitions' press releases, and just hanging out with the artists. How do you see your forthcoming collaborations unfold? Any expectations?


L.N: The artists-in-residence are dependent on your Bulgarian language skills to communicate with the locals and so lucky to have someone who knows the whereabouts in the region. By now, you know the nooks and crannies in Veliko Turnovo. What would you like  to introduce the artists to when they arrive?


L.N: In your garden. What would you like to grow? 


L.N: (outro) 

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Nicolas Tagnati (b. 1990, France) holds two master degrees in Didactic of French at the Université Paul Valéry de Montpellier in France. Tagnati has work experiences throughout Europe, with a key interest social interaction, intercultural exchange and languages. His previous work and education involve Ilia state University in Tbilissi, Géorgia / Lecturer de Français (2020); Lunaria: Animation de chantier de volontariat international at Aout, Civita Castellana in Italy (2019); Training Theater in classe FLE by Drame Education (2018);  Mediazione linguistica, Universita delle studie di Milano (Erasmus 2016 – 2017); and Langues Etrangères Appliquées (Italian - English - Occitan) at the Université Paul Valéry de Montpellier (2013 - 2017).