ARV.I Welcomes

Sive Hamilton Helle (b.1989, Norway) is a film artist with a spatial approach. Looking at the relationship between the past and the present, she explores how we can perceive and interact with our surroundings through loose narratives.

In August 2018 Helle will travel to Bulgaria to research its history and culture. In a method combining documentary and fiction elements she will make a film, which will be screened outside the State Art Gallery in Veliko Tarnovo, August 24th. See event here.

During her stay Helle will spend time at a LARP (live action role-playing game) event inspired by Bulgaria’s medieval history. The growing phenomenon acquire thoughtful props, costumes and a fitted location to support the illusive immersion along with the collective spirit of the game. In character, the participants directly engage with their environment, as it becomes an open stage without an audience.

Historically the varied terrain in Bulgaria has made it possible for tribes to escape intruders resulting in long lasting traditions and a melting pot of diverse cultures. Bulgaria is full of mythical sites and ruins that point to the past but the stories they tell are threatened due to the decreasing population. In the correlation between nature and culture Helle seeks to discover new ways of understanding how myths can emerge and be preserved. Through the creative practice of myth-making lies the potential for gathering and rethinking what has been abandoned.