Images courtesy of the artists / Mikael Lo Presti and Calle Segelberg

Artists in residence / ARV.I October 2017

Mikael Lo Presti (b.1989 SE) currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway and Malmö, Sweden. He holds a BFA at the Art Academy in Oslo and recently participated at the Maumaus Independent Study Programme in Lisbon, PT. Recent exhibitions include A Tree That Will Not Rot, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way, Standard, Oslo, Tegnebiennalen at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo and Maleriets Letthet, Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway.

Calle Segelberg (b.1990 SE) lives and works in Olso, Norway where he is currently finishing his MFA at the Art Academy in Oslo. Recent exhibitions include Logo till 30-åriga kriget, Diorama, Oslo and Åpent Forhold, Figya, Osaka.

In line with his first solo at Gallery Standard in Oslo, Lo Presti spent his time in Vishovgrad experimenting with material he wouldn’t have done in his usual environment. Specifically he investigated in Bulgarian textile ornaments from the Veliko Turnovo region. Read a dialog between Lars Nordby and Mikael Lo Presti here.

Segelberg will bring his experiences from a recent stay in Hamburg and use the time in Vishovgrad as a think-box and workplace to ponder and potentially produce a foundation for his upcoming MFA exhibition in Oslo.

We both live in cities with quite a different situation than Bulgaria in terms of population, the rapid change in the architectural scenery and the large amounts of money invested in international and local policies. What happens when we enter Bulgaria, more specifically Vishovgrad, a remote village where the environment is traced by a visual absence of inhabitants - and then start working in a studio in the middle of it all? What does the library look like? How does one notice the former political movements visually today?
- Segelberg and Lo Presti, 2017.