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Vishovgrad, Bulgaria



ARV.I is a place for artists
to find inspiration, focus
on their work and develop individual exhibition projects.


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Artist Residency

The ARV.I artist residency program in 2022 provides a stimulating and flexible environment for international contemporary artists to experiment, do new works, and extend their exhibition experience. ARV.I is also a place for artists to clear out from their usual habitat, meet other international artists, and engage with and experience the village life in Vishovgrad and the culture and landscape of Veliko Turnovo. During the period at ARV.I, artists can develop their work and follow up with their projects on their terms.

The 2022 artist residency program accepts a maximum of three artists each month. One may apply for one or several months. Selected artists-in-resident receive accommodation, shared studio space, a solo exhibition at Gallery Heerz Tooya in Veliko Turnovo, and assistance with his or her art project.

We encourage all accepted applicants to apply for external funding for the residency fee and other expenses, including solo exhibition expenses, travel, and transport. ARV.I will provide accepted applicants a letter of agreement regarding the residency program and a letter of intent regarding the solo exhibition, including other documents to help the process of external funding go untroubled and possible. It has helped a lot the majority of the previous artists-in-residence.

We remind all applicants that the Artist Residency is in a rural village. It is essential to have an open mindset for different cultures and be an independent person who takes cognizance of living with others and can cope with the explorative prospects of living a rustic village life. Ensure you have your health insurance in order (including COVID-19 certificate) and consider having car rental into your budget.

Availablity in 2022:
- May: Open
- June: Open
- July: Open
- August: Open
- September: Open

1-month costs: 800€
Meaning: the selected applicant has to pay eight hundred euros for the one-month residency.

ARV. I Offers
- 96m2 shared studio space (photo above).
- Private bedrooms w/single beds, shared kitchen, bathroom, and garden (incl. wifi).
- Solo exhibition in Veliko Turnovo at the end of the residency period. Including curatorial assistance and promotion materials. Exhibition venues in the old capital include Gallery Heerz Tooya.
- Assistance by the ARV.I internship including local guidance, networking, and logistics regarding individual art projects and exhibitions.
- Letter of agreement and documents for external fundings.

ARV.I Conditions
- The program can accommodate maximum three residents at a time.
- ARV.I do not cover travel and costs of living.
- Spoken language is primarily English.
- ARV.I do not cover production materials, insurance, nor any transport of materials, artworks, or objects produced or collected during the residency period.


How to apply:
Compose an email with the following information:
- Full name: 
- Date of birth:
- Current city of residence:
- Nationality:
- Gender: 
- E-mail: 
- Website: 
- I apply for the month: 
- How I found the ARV.I Open Call:
- My solo exhibition will include: 

In the E-mail, please attach one PDF document (max 10mb) including your CV, artist statement, and photo documentation of your recent artworks and exhibitions.

Send the email to
with the subject ARV.I 2022 Artist Residency / your name

  • 25 January Application Deadline
  • ARV.I will reply on applications 5th week in 2022
  • The ARV.I Residency Program 2022 will be officially announced in the beginning of February 2022