Stefan Karadzha 35
Vishovgrad, Bulgaria



ARV.I is a place for artists
to find inspiration, focus
on their work and develop individual exhibition projects.


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ARV.I concluded the activities for 2018 in August with a film screening on the State Art Gallery in Veliko Turnovo; Visual artist and filmmaker Sive Hamilton Helle used various locations in Bulgaria for her site specific video work and developed her film material at the ARV.I studio. Like many of the other artist in residents at ARV.I, each artist has gone through a local and site specific scrutiny, each with a different artistic approach and visual outcome. The Berlin based painter Sonja Arz worked extensivelly in the studio producing a large series of oil paintings. Visual artist and former student of architecture Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen developed his project through a closer look at the visual exterior of Vishovgrad and further research on the practice of writing.

The artists during 2018 has worked activelly outside the studio, fine tuned their work in the studio, and connected with the local culture in such a way that each artistic outcome has traces of depth and understanding in terms of historical, cultural and historical research as much as anchoring ones artistic integrity.

One month is not much, yet it is enough time to settle down and contemplate on your work in line with your surroundings. Visual artist Nadjim Bigou worked directly with a local in Vishovgrad as a starting point. As much as his project evolved into an exhibition that consisted of a deep philosophical approach, it also deliberately provoked the very notion of exhibtion making at the gallery with a performative gesture, that still has its reverberations locally today.

I am looking forward to see the 2019 ARV.I program containing the same artistic quality and diversity, and initiate the next semester action packed with a thought-provoking approach that is both benefitial for the artists in residence and the regional art scene and culture in general.
- Lars Nordby, ARV.I Director