Apply for an internship at the ARV.International residency program  in 2020.

To work and live for free as an intern at ARV.International, together with other international artists-in-residence from the field of contemporary art, is a great way to meet new artists and culture, as well as to gain new experiences in exhibition production, and social and curatorial practices.

The period you may apply for is either from April until June (3 months) or April to September (6 months). The internship is limited to one person. The intern shall have social skills, experience in the field of contemporary art and curatorial practices, and to be a handy person and have a delicate touch in social media and promotional materials. To have a driver's license is a great plus. The internship contains plenty of spear time and a colorful variety of tasks. The main objective is to assist the artists-in-residence and the monthly exhibition program at the contemporary art gallery Heerz Tooya in Veliko Turnovo.

ARV.I Offers
- Free 15m2 private studio space.
- Free accommodation (including a private bedroom and shared kitchen, bathroom, and garden (incl. wifi).
- Documents for external fundings.
- Certificate and letter of recommendation in the time after internship.

ARV.I Conditions
- The intern will have to assist the artists-in-residence, help out with maintenance at the residency, and promote and coordinate exhibitions.
- ARV.I do not cover travel and food expenses (costs of living).
- Spoken language is primarily English.
- ARV.I do not cover production materials, insurance, nor any transport of materials, artworks or objects produced or collected.

How to apply
Send your CV and Portfolio to and send the filled application form below. A Skype interview is demanded in the second round of the selection process. 

Within two or three working days, you will receive a confirmation that your application has arrived. If any questions, please contact