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Vishovgrad, Bulgaria



ARV.I is a place for artists
to find inspiration, focus
on their work and develop individual exhibition projects.


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The artist residency program offers two internship periods in 2022, from May to September.  As an intern at ARV.I, during the five summer months in 2022, the intern will be able to work closely with international contemporary visual artists during their stay in Vishovgrad and gain experience with curating solo and group exhibitions. In addition to enjoying the village life and meeting new people, the intern will also have the time to travel and develop projects in a private studio.

The ARV.I artist residency program in 2022 provides a stimulating and flexible environment for international contemporary artists to experiment, do new works, and extend their exhibition experience. ARV.I is also a place for artists to clear out from their usual habitat, meet other international artists, and engage with and experience the village life in Vishovgrad and the culture and landscape of Veliko Turnovo. During the period at ARV.I, artists develop their work and follow up with their projects on their terms.

As an intern at ARV.I, we would like to emphasize that it is essential to be an independent person with an open mind and respect for other cultures and ways of living. It is necessary to have experience living with others, be a responsible person, and dedicate time to the Artist Residency Program. Another preference is to have an interest and experience with contemporary art and skills in promoting residency activities and exhibitions on social media and local news platforms.

We encourage the accepted intern to apply also for external funding. ARV.I will provide the selected intern a letter of agreement regarding the residency program and a letter of intent regarding their curatorial practice during their stay. Ensure you have your health insurance in order (including COVID-19 certificate) and consider having car rental into your budget.

The two internship periods: 
1: 27.04 - 17.07.2022
2. 17.07 - 30.09.2022

ARV. I Offers:
- A monthly salary of 500 BGN,-
- Free accommodation.
- A private double bedroom and a 14m2 studio (incl. wifi).
- Shared kitchen, bathroom, and garden.
- Full access to the office and exhibition space of Gallery Heerz Tooya.
- Letter of agreement and documents for external fundings.

ARV.I Conditions:
- The internship include being a caretaker of the residency, assisting and guiding the artists-in-residence during their stay in Vishovgrad and help installing and promoting their exhibitions in Veliko Turnovo - including Gallery Heerz Tooya.
- Spoken language is primarily English. To speak Bulgarian is a major plus.
- ARV.I do not cover production materials, insurance, nor any transport of materials, artworks, or objects produced or collected during the residency period.


How to apply
Compose an email with the following information:
- Full name: 
- Date of birth:
- Current city of residence:
- Nationality:
- Gender:
- Choose period of internship (1:May, June, July or 2:July, August, September): 
- I have driver's license (yes or no):
- I speak the following languages:  
- E-mail: 
- Website (optional): 
- How I found the Open Call:

In the E-mail, please attach a PDF document (max 10mb) including your CV, a statement about your experiences related to the ARV.I Internship 2022 - including optional photo documentation of your recent curatorial practice.

Send the email to
with the subject ARV.I 2022 Internship / your name