Shadows of Bulgaria
Sive Hamilton Helle
Video (13:25min)
City State Gallery / Gallery Bar, Veliko Turnovo

Sive Hamilton Helle concluded her residental stay at ARV.I with a film screening in Veliko Turnovo 24th August. She traveled to Bulgaria with the aim to research its history and culture with a method combining documentary and fiction elements. When Hamilton Helle arrived Bulgaria, she spent time at a LARP (live action role-playing game) event inspired by the country and its medieval history. The growing phenomenon of LARP acquire thoughtful props, costumes and a fitted location to support the illusive immersion along with the collective spirit of the game. In character, the participants directly engage with their environment, as it becomes an open stage without an audience.

Sive Hamilton Helle (b.1989, Norway) is a film artist with a spatial approach. Looking at the relationship between the past and the present, she explores how we can perceive and interact with our surroundings through loose narratives.

Hamtilon Helle is the last artist in resident at ARV.I for the 2018 program. Next artists in residence will arrive April 2019.

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A forest in Bulgaria transforms into the Middle Ages as a larp event unfolds. For four days they live out characters and situations without any censoring of historical accuracy. The film opens up for an alternative understanding of history constituted by the imagination.
- Sive Hamilton Helle

Shadows of Bulgaria – Extract