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Upcoming Artists-in-Residence in April 2020:

Linda Lerseth (b. 1984, Norway)

Lerseth holds an MFA at the National Art Academy in Oslo Norway (2014) and lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Her solo exhibitions include MANKO at Salon in Oslo, Norway (2019); Etcetera at Elephant Kunsthall in Lillehammer, Norway (2018); and Niggling Grid at NoPlace in Oslo, Norway (2016). Linda Lerseth will conclude her artist-in-residency with a solo exhibition at gallery Heerz Tooya in Veliko Turnovo / 25.04 - 17.05.2020

“I work with sculpture where I combine found material with different casting techniques. The starting point for my practice is a basic curiosity about what materiality is - and can be.” - Linda Lerseth

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Wessel Verrijt (b. 1992, the Netherlands) / Instagram / Vimeo

In 2018 Verrijt graduated with the “Optocht Der Autonomen” at the AKV. St Joost in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Wessel Verrjit will conclude his artist-in-residence with a solo exhibition at gallery Hadjin Inn in Veliko Turnovo / 25.04 - 17.05.2020

“Like a funfair, I travel from place to place with my provisional works. The traveling between the different locations and the proces of dismantling is a ritual component of a larger narrative.I consider every new location as a phase where I discover new materials, make installations and performances with a film as a final project. In the film, I emphasize the narrative that underlies the stage and the work. The final film starts to play an increasingly emphatic role in my practice, so I see my work as scenes: installations made up of scenery, protagonists and props, where an action takes place in a period of time.”  - Wessel Verrjit
Fluxive Fringe, 2017
Linda Lerseth (Image courtesy of the artist)

De Muurbreker, 2019
Wessel Verrijt (Image courtesy of the artist)