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For 2020 ARV.I initiates an internship program. Two artists and curators are selected this year to help out with co-managing the artist residency program and co-curate the monthly exhibition program in Veliko Turnovo.

ARV.I introducing:

Pete Kilkenny (b. 1962, England)
Internship period: April - June 2020

Pete Kilkenny lives and works in Bavaria, Germany, and has done so for over 30 years. Kilkenny holds a BFA from the Newcastle University and has recently done an artist residency by Professor Elisabeth von Samsonow in Vienna, Austria. His previous exhibitions include Everything is transient, only the cow's tail stays long at Castle of Tittmoning (Germany, 2017); The Power of Cow at Ingolstadt Museum (Germany, 2017); Cows International at Museum Prien (Germany, 2016); Menagerie at Galerie Würth in Schwäbish Hall (Germany 2013); and Chocolate Cheese at Farbwerk Sankt Radegund (Austria, 2009).

“It is a gift for me to be able to work with other artists and help where I can. / Art is best if there is no mind involved, coming directly from that one source from which all things evolve. / It is that present moment, real life experience, impossible to portray yet at the same time it can move the observer to look again, if they are receptive enough.” - Pete Kilkenny

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Java Bentley (b. 1994, New Zealand) / Instagram
Internship period: July - September 2020.

Java Bentley lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand, and holds a BFA and BA in Major Art History, Honours Conjoint degree at the University of Auckland (ELAM). Her previous exhibitions include Cash & Carry Fundraiser at Artspace Aotearoa, (New Zealand, 2019); I Lean You My Support at RM gallery (New Zealand, 2019); Cherry Blossom Art Salon at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Auckland (New Zealand, 2019); and Net-Work: This is not a group show at West Space (Australia, 2019).

As a visual artist, Bentley engages with the potential of rubbish and has an interest in materiality inspired by waste culture. With a contemporary take on craft, she often creates sculptural installations that encompass viewers while also engaging in the handmade. Art-making out of waste and collected materials, rather than responding to a new concept, has been a brainstorm of life events inspiring methods towards recycling, repurposing, and found or materials in excess.

Through the processes of colonization in New Zealand as an indigenous, pacific, and European artist, and being brought up in a multicultural society in Auckland, have questioned her sense of home. Her process of binding personal waste and collecting found objects not only produces an alternate option towards the potential landfill, but it also is a way of culturally binding identities by creating collaborative spaces that are a perception of home and memory.

Pete Kilkenny
(Images courtesy of artist)

Java Bentley
(Images courtesy of artist)