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Being a Role Model for Younger Players is Something she Enjoys
Kim Wawer (NL)
Kristoffer Zeiner (NO)
Smoking ROOM, Veliko Tarnovo

A one night only exhibition by visual artists Kim Wawer and Kristoffer Zeiner. Their installation pieces takes the form of a celebratory showroom of what can happen inside a tray. All the works are produced through a variety of protocols but are not made for each other. It’s an exchange of interests that leads to a dialog. The Smoking ROOM functions as a pit of glue, forcing them to talk.

She talked to the players in a direct but nice and direct way, asking them what they where doing the day before, what they where eating etc.... – stuff like that. Sharing information, exchanging experience, exchanging moods.

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- Try combining caviar and mayonnaise...

- I’m thinking about cleaning, about hiding, about putting stuff away for something else to arise. You know, hiding things are kind of strange in that way.

What do you choose to show, and what to you keep only for your self?
Maybe this smoking room became the tray it self?
Is TAM then some kind of furniture, and Veliko Tarnovo a house? And the people?
It takes about two to ten minutes to smoke a cigarette.
How many potential relationships have started with a smoke?

Press, caressing just enough so it doesn't fall apart.
Press just enough to make it to your own.
Squeezing in the center of your palm, massage the Palm of your hand.
Hit with the bottom of your hand several times against the piece, until it takes the shape of your hand, Let your fingers rest on the top of the piece.
Keep your right arm below the piece holding its weight.
Shape it along your left-hand.

Make it round, so it fits both hands.
If it's too dry: add some water on your hands and squeeze it into the palm of your hands until its consistency is everywhere equal.
Make a ball while smashing it with the palm of your hand repeatedly, smacking until the size, of a big potential icon.
Look at its structure; it is the structure of your hand, echoed in the ball?
The pressure in your hand pulling downwards.
Try smoothening it out with your finger gently, smoothening out the texture of your hands palm. Now again give it a good smack.
- Kim Wawer and Kristoffer Zeiner, 2018

“A situation is always comic if it participates simultaneously in two series of events which are absolutely independent of each other, and if it can be interpreted in two quite different meanings.”
- Henri Bergson