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Emil Sandström & Rebecca Lindsmyr
Je me vois

23.09. – 15.10.2023
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Opening night on the 23rd September - 6 pm Welcome to the duo exhibition, titled Je me vois, by Emil Sandström & Rebecca Lindsmyr. The exhibition is a conclusion of their stay at the Artist Residency ARV.International in Vishovgrad, Bulgaria.

In 1990, almost thirty years into a career of writing, Bulgarian-born linguist, psychoanalyst, and writer Julia Kristeva publishes her first work of fictional writing, Les Samuraïs (The Samurai: A Novel). Her turn to fiction has been ascribed to two events in the previous year: the loss of her father under obscure circumstances in September of 1989, and the subsequent fall of the Berlin Wall only two months later. Entering this novel form acts as the catalyst for an ensuing stream of autobiographical fictions.

After half a lifetime spent theorizing the workings of self and the formation of the subject, only the deformation presupposed by fiction allows for momentarily catching her own biography. For this exhibition, economies of the reflexive mode are considered as pathways for depositing and layering biographical fragments, around which to outline methods of narrative and storytelling.

Rebecca Lindsmyr (b.1990) is a painter working in the intersections of painterly discourses and psychoanalytic, linguistic, and post-structuralist thought. Through a diverse painterly approach, her work explores the constructions of self within and through painting. Rebecca is based between Malmö (SE) and Paris (FR), where she is a current resident at Cité Internationale des Arts. She graduated with an MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 2021 and is represented by Nils Staerk (DK).

Engaged with various economies of language and image, the work of Emil Sandström (b.1994) moves across sculpture, photography, sound, and writing: dealing with notions of circulation and translation, external and internal infrastructures. He has conducted studies at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, New Centre for Research and Practice, and Malmö Art Academy, graduating with an MFA in 2022. He co-founded and ran the program at Canopy, an artist-run exhibition platform in Malmö (SE) (2020-2022).

The exhibition is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

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